How long have you been in business?

Since 2006

How do you determine the cost of services needed?

For local moves, we charge by the hour depending on how big the job is and how many movers will be needed to complete the job. Time is prorated in 15 minute increments and doesn't start until we arrive at your location. For long distance jobs, there is a set price, depending how big the job is, how many movers you will need and the distance you are going.

Do we offer packing services?


Do you all pad the furniture to protect it when moving?

Yes, all of our moving professionals are trained to assess the job by walking around and looking at all the furniture that will be moved. Once the job is assessed, we will then wrap blankets around all the necessary furniture and use shrink film to secure the blankets on the furniture. This is done whether the job is small or big.

Do we do more military moves?


What forms of payment do you except?

Cash, check or Credit Card

Is there an extra charge to disassemble and reassemble my furniture.

No, there is no extra charge. We offer this service for items such as beds, mirrors on dressers, dining room tables, etc.

Do we move out of state?

Yes, we offer Long Distance Moving Services as well. We can go from state to state, and up to 800 miles.

Are you properly license and insured?

Yes. State license # , Dot# 1526680, MC# 3361, Florida Im# 1626

Do we move Pianos?

Yes, for an extra charge

Should I empty my dresser drawers?

No, there is no need to empty dresser drawers of clothing. You will, however, need to remove loose items or heavy items out of the drawers before the move.